Highsec Buyback helps capsuleers of New Eden quickly cash in their assets. Join us to support more than 250 capsuleers each week!


Items need to get to the markets. If you enjoy flying Deep Space Transport (DST) ships, this opportunity is for you.

Status: Currently not hiring

Contract Manager

Customers send us contracts 24/7, and our goal is to accept contracts within one hour. It only takes a few minutes and clicks.

Status: Currently not hiring


Status: On Hold, Queue is full.

As a hauler you primarily fly DSTs and move items from more than 1,600 stations into major hubs in New Eden.

We pay 2% of collateral per completed courier. You can fit pick up multiple couriers and deliver them all together into a hub. Additionally each completed courier counts towards a bonus pool of 40m ISK per day, 400m ISK per week and 1b ISK per month.

There is no requirement to haul a certain amount of couriers in a give timespan. Feel free to haul and take breaks as much as you want.

To apply you must be able to fly and own a DST. If you can do that, please reach out to Lerso Nardieu on Discord.

Contract Manager

Status: On hold

Contract Managers make our customers happy by putting ISK in their wallet. This job doesn't require a lot of continuous time online, but the ability to quickly log in, accept contracts, and log out again. We prefer people who can log in 5 times a day for 1 minute, over those who are online for 1 hour in the evening.

This job is risk free and doesn't require you to undock. You can use an alpha character to accept contracts, where you get 2% of the contract's value as a reward. All contracts are automatically verified by a Discord bot.

Because you will get access to corporation ISK, we will require you to deposit at least 3,000,000,000 ISK with a trusted third party. You can resign from the job to get your ISK back at any time.

If you can do that, please fill out the form below.